Progressive Inflation Compressor

When the World Economic Forum stay turning around the recipes to reduce inflation pression, the European Clever Ones (The 4 Euclons - German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi) discuss how to police international markets. How to arrange it would be better.

Stock prices crisis, bank scandal and a worrying global outlook will give leaders of Europe's four biggest economies plenty to talk about even if they do not present substantive announcements.

To offer strong succour for the markets and for producing a based reform of the international financial institutions the Group of Seven (G7, G8...G10) may speak about the money datevaluation during next meetings.

Because the new Economy 4G3W is available and the people may see their economic lifes going up forever producing webcashmatic plusvalues when they make webpowered savings.

Just offer the recipe of the personal webcashmotor for the money datevaluation. And use the universocial funds under FED control as a progressive inflation compressor. That's all we need.

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